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    Quanzhou Ocean Institute is officially approved by the Fujian Provincial Government and authorized to issue the schooling certificates by China’s Ministry of Education. It is the only private Institute specialized in marine and ocean studies in Fujian province. The Institute is located right at the Quanzhou Bay Area, Fujian Province. Quanzhou is a renowned city in the south eastern coast of China. It is also hometown to many of the overseas Chinese today. In the ancient days, Quanzhou was a top port city along the east coast of China; it is also the widely known starting point of China’s ancient Maritime Silk Road.
    The founder of Quanzhou Ocean Institute is Mr. Tsoi Tin Chun, the Chairman of Titan Oil Pte Ltd of Singapore. Mr Tsoi was born in Shishi City, Fujian Province, China, and is currently residing in Singapore. Mr. Tsoi has been active in promoting public welfares and charities for his hometown and the rest of China, for his good deeds Mr. Tsoi was commemorated by Fujian’s Provincial Government in 2004 and 2010, with monument erected by the government to honor this. With his extensive knowledge with the maritime industry, great understanding of the maritime information and human resources of the industry, Mr. Tsoi returned to his hometown to establish the Quanzhou Ocean Institute with the effort to develop maritime professionals in 2005.
    The campus covers a land area of 51 hectares, it has approximately 100,000 square meters of gross floor areas and with an investment of RMB 450 million thus far in the campus construction. The campus is equipped with modern education facilities, which were built to the standards of both domestic and foreign maritime universities, including full bridge simulator, multi-media classrooms, computer rooms, electronic examination rooms, communication rooms, electronic reading rooms and library. The Institute is further equipped with top-notch training centers for the navigation and marine engineering, sea training center, outdoor swimming pool, standard track field and the wall of maritime cultural. Currently, the Institute is the base to 46 different types of trainings, among which, the Oceangoing Seafarers Training Base is a provincial level training base. Quanzhou Ocean Institute also conducted over 50 other offsite trainings with various other corporations.
    The Institute emphasized unique education style and development of talents. The total number of staff in Quanzhou Ocean Institute is 126; with over 90 of these are teachers; 25 are either doctoral or master holders; 18 are qualified professors and 75 are dual professions teachers. There are four academic departments and two training centers, i.e. the navigation department, marine engineering department, humanity department, basic courses department, the seaman training center and fishery training center. A total of 25 majors are being offered at the Institute, students who majored in navigation, marine engineering and shipbuilding professions can be directly enlisted with the Chinese Navy. Each year, few dozens of elite graduates from our Institute are recruited by the Chinese Navy as Petty Officers. Quanzhou Ocean Institute passed the evaluation of the talent-training by the Education Department of Fujian Province in 2014. The Institute was selected as the first private college implementing modern apprentice teaching system by the Fujian Province in 2015. China Education Daily reported the Thanksgiving Education model of Quanzhou Ocean Institute in February, 2016. Meanwhile, Quanzhou Ocean Institute was selected as the first private colleges to implement dual talents cultivation model by the Fujian Province in April 2016.
    In terms of providing service to the open public, Quanzhou Ocean Institute has obtained the Seamen Training Certificate for the rankings of Captain, Chief engineer, Chief officer and Second engineer, we were honored as a formal demonstration point for seaman competency assessment in 2010. The Institute has completed trainings for more than 5,000 seamen over the years. The cultivation and training quality was evaluated as Class A by Fujian Maritime Safety Administration.
    The education goal of Quanzhou Ocean Institute is to build an open and multivariate application-oriented university specialized in the marine and ocean studies serving the public. To integrate the high quality resources, to grow stronger and larger in cultivating marine talents and to serve the nation’s maritime economy, Quanzhou Ocean Institute has since applied to be upgraded as Ocean University of Fujian and intend to venture International Offshore Engineering Research Institute with top foreign University. To further guarantee the employment of our graduates, Quanzhou Ocean Institute has signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Spencer Ogden Energy Pte Ltd, the largest energy recruitment company in the United Kingdoms. The Institute has also signed Memorandum of Understandings with China Oilfield Services Limited’s subsidiary COSL Pan-Drilling Ltd (COSL), China State Shipbuilding Corporation’s subsidiary Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co. Ltd (SWS), China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation’s subsidiary Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd (SHG) and China Merchant Group’s subsidiary China Merchants Industry Holdings Co. Ltd (CMIH). These agreements will laid a solid foundation for the upgrading to the Ocean University of Fujian and venture of the new International Offshore Engineering Research Institute.